“Simply Irresistible!!!”

“My wife thinks that my therapist is having a positive effect on me. She just does not know Parker is my therapist…LOL.”

“Parker is addictive.”

“Her pictures do not do her justice and she has great ones.”

“She is my ATF.

“Best ass in the business.”

“She told me to have my Wheaties before meeting. Now I am telling you..Make sure you have your Wheaties.”

“You will not find anyone like her.”

“You made me do things I was too embarrassed to ask for.”

“Get ready for non stop action.”

“I spent the most erotic time of my life with Parker.”

“Parker is, without a doubt the Full Package.”

“I use to go to see a therapist twice a month till I met Parker. Now I only see her.”

“Parker possess an amazing personality, extraordinary good looks and incredible skills.”

“Best experience ever!!!”

“Parker, you saved my marriage.”

“I have never found anyone as open minded and accepting as her.”

“She is a dangerous combination of beauty, passion and intelligence.”

“Parker has spoiled me for life. No one comes close to her.

“ Parker loves who she is. I have never met anyone loves what she does more than her.”

“ She is the most professional, most caring and considerate provider i have ever met.”

“As a first timer, I was a nervous wreck. Within seconds she set me at ease.”

“Best communication skills”

“ I would have to say, Parker is one of the most articulate and interesting persons I know.”

“Parker is 5 Star in every way."

“My new happy place is being with Parker”

Bottom line… Thank you for your consideration.

You were looking for something special and the Universe led you here.  Do not doubt for a moment that everything happens for a reason.  ‘Great minds think alike! 

Moreover, they should keep doing so because it only gets better.

After all is said and done, feel at home. You have found a friend.

Beware of the Bargain Escorts!

In a troubled economy, it is tempting to want to get the most bang for your buck, so to speak.  For some, a low price may the difference between seeing an escort, or waiting a month or two, or never even getting around to it.

But the adage is true: You do get what you pay for.

But escorts who price themselves out lower than the average in your area may be less willing to follow safety protocols, or they may be underbidding in an effort to lure you into an entrapment, either legal, or criminal.  Escorts who are significantly cheaper in price do not provide "a good value," they provide further risk, in a situation that is already risky to begin with.

How to tell if she's too inexpensive?  I can't quote actual figures here, because each marketplace has a set of supply-and-demand-dictated rules.  So, browse the entertainers in your area, compare rates for as many providers as you can, and you will get a general mean figure for what the average hourlong session with an entertainer in your area will cost you.  If the one you've selected is significantly (20%-50%) lower than everyone else in your area, watch your ass.  It may not be worth the savings.

Be smart, and be safe out there, gentlemen.


I am NOT affiliated with any type of service or agency. I am 100% independent. If you are looking for a "sleazy cheap" type I am NOT the girl for you. Privacy and discretion is JUST as important to me as it is to You! Our time Should and NEEDS to remain OUR TIME and not the business of others.